A bit of background

I’ve always been interested in taking things apart and (attempting to) put them back together again. Be it bikes or smaller things as a child, moving onto car repairs as a teenager and more recently into vintage machinery, I’ve never been shy of starting a challenge, I just struggle to finish most of my projects!

Having grown up around horses and therefore farms, I’ve also had a long standing interest in farm machinery. This resulted in a rather clumsy purchase of my first vintage tractor in 2017, buying a newly restored, near concourse 1951 Ferguson TED20 (Petrol/TVO) off a Facebook Marketplace advert.

Not really knowing what I was buying or looking for, I set off with the advice from a friend “check it hasn’t got a cracked block, check it’s got oil pressure” and how could I forget the most important piece of advice “You should probably wait and just buy a diesel”

Less than an hour later I returned with said tractor absolutely made up, and my obsession hasn’t stopped since!

Here’s a photo of me and my first tractor, the TED20 on the Ferguson Club stand at Tractor Fest (Newby Hall) in 2018.